About Pair Dental
Darius Somekhian
Darius Somekhian

We’re For Doctors

Pair Dental was founded by accident, as a favor to a few specialist-friends who were looking for opportunities to work in high producing practices to fill holes in their schedules. We quickly learned that specialists and practice owners loved this service model, and demand grew.

Eventually, those specialists told us they were abandoning their plans to open their own practices. They were making considerably more money with less stress working in this traveling model than their colleagues who had opened practices, many of whom were just breaking even.

They could now practice where they wanted and take time off when they wanted. They had no staff to personally manage and very few bills to pay. Best of all, they could just go to where the patient demand was instead of spending profit on marketing to get the patients to their practice. We started noticing specialists come out of retirement to pick up a few days with Pair Dental to support their lifestyles.

Technology has allowed Pair Dental to scale our services nationally to establish the first marketplace platform where specialists and practice owners can find each other, work together to improve healthcare and thrive. Our service creates value for dental professionals by eliminating redundancies in real estate, equipment, marketing, staffing, liability and more.

There are many startups out there that want to disrupt the dental industry, and lately it seems as if all their ideas come at a cost to undermine the professionals who’ve worked hard to make this industry as desirable and lucrative as it has been for everyone. As a third generation dentist with many dentists and specialists in my family, I and the rest of our founding team have been very clear about Pair Dental’s position as a potential industry disruptor: We’re for doctors.

We invite you to join us, collaborate with us, give us feedback, make suggestions and discover opportunities to monetize your talents or source talented professionals.

Darius Somekhian
Co-Founder, Pair