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I’m a Traveling Dental Specialist, Where Should I Work?

As a traveling dental specialist, the world is your oyster. Or is it? There are many factors involved in choosing where to travel for work. Pair Dental can make recommendations based on driving distance, lifestyle, and motivation to connect to higher-paying opportunities, yet there are other things to consider.

Where are there available opportunities for your specialty?

Demand for dental specialty services is on the rise, especially in underserved locations. Here’s the good news: Pair Dental knows where Dental Practices are looking to hire part-time specialists and we are adding practices to our network daily. This map shows cities with practices currently in our network:

Pair Dental Locations

(Are you a Dental Practice looking to join our network?)

How far are you willing to travel?

There may be opportunities close to your home and there may be opportunities elsewhere. If you live in an area with a saturated specialty market, you may want to consider focusing on an underserved geographic region, which may be further away. We have Specialists who drive over an hour and even fly to locations with a higher demand for their services. Most people choose a commute that’s within 1-hour driving distance of home.

If considering opportunities that are further away, we recommend clustering multiple treatment days in the region and staying overnight. For example, if you are an Oral Surgeon, there may be 3 practices in a city a 3-hour drive away looking to hire you. Spending 3 Treatment Days a month treating patients in that city could be lucrative and well worth the travel time. However, do not wait until you have multiple Treatment Days to go to a remote location. Once you are in that location frequently, it is easier to facilitate connections to local dental practices.

Upon registering with Pair Dental, you can specify the distance you are willing to travel and work with a member of our team to align your schedule. Pair Dental can also introduce you to a local specialist in that area who can be a reliable back-up in the rare case of a post-operative concern.

What are you projected to earn in that location?

Earnings will be a factor of your compensation rate, the schedule and frequency of treatment days, procedure reimbursement rates, and your efficiency as a provider.

Practices in various geographic locations will differ on reimbursement rates. Once matched, we encourage you to align Treatment Day production goals with the practice owner’s ability to meet them. Discuss their fee schedules and your UCR along with the schedule expectations.

Locations that are heavier on Fee-for-Service reimbursements are preferable for Specialists because the reimbursement rate is often higher. However, this should not stop you from taking on practices that accept insurance. Many successful insurance practices make up for lower reimbursement rates with higher volume and higher efficiency.

This complex mix of factors can create positive and negative experiences for any specialist, but that’s why we’re here. The team at Pair Dental will help you understand how these various attributes will factor into your experience with each match.

Are you a specialist looking to explore Traveling Dental Specialty? Reach out to a member of our team to learn more. Or simply register for Pair Dental and begin to receive introductions to dental practices in the geographic location of your choosing.

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